The Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources (IPB&GR) is part of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization-Demeter (formerly NAGREF) supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture. Our main campus extends in a 30ha farm located at the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Greece.


Our main research targets include the preservation, evaluation, and exploitation of genetic resources and the development of new cultivars with improved yield, quality, and adaptation.


Our research aims to produce and transfer knowledge for the development of integrated crop production and solve modern agricultural problems. Furthermore, we conduct research in the areas of crop protection and sustainable agriculture, driven by the need of reducing production costs and protecting the environment.


The institute has a capacity of 76 employees including 30 researchers of all levels specializing on diverse scientific areas.

Dr Eleni Maloupa

Institute Director,

Tel: +302310471544 int. 210

E-mail: maloupa@bbgk.gr