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Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources – Greek Gene Bank

The Greek Gene Bank (GGB) maintains in ex situ conservation (that is out of their natural environment) over 15,000 samples of different plant genetic resources important for food and agriculture. The majority of these samples are conserved in the form of seeds, which are maintained in cold rooms. In addition, there is a collection of 270 different grape varieties maintained by clonal propagation in a vineyard. The actions of the GGB include:

  • The collection of Greek landraces and crop wild relatives.
  • The conservation and regeneration of the collected species.
  • The identification, characterization and evaluation of the conserved plant genetic resources using morphometric, agronomic and physiological characteristics as well as biochemical and molecular methods with the aim of using them in plant breeding programmes and sustainable agriculture.
  • The documentation of information regarding plant genetic resources in a data base.
  • The exchange of plant genetic material and information with other Gene Banks, official organizations and research foundations in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.
  • Estimation of the degree of genetic erosion and the recognition of areas of high genetic diversity for the in situconservation (in their natural environment) of crop wild relatives or on-farm conservation of threatened landraces.
  • The representation of Greece in international networks and workshops concerning plans of actions for the protection and utilization of plant genetic resources.

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