Agricultural Entomology

Entomology Lab

We perform basic and applied research on insect biology/ecology and chemical ecology. The main research interests of the lab include plant- insect, insect- insect and insect- plant- microbes interactions, for the development of novel insect control methods and sustainable crop management, in the terms of integrated pest management (IPM). More specifically, we are working on:

  • Headspace volatile collection
  • Insect behavioral assays
  • Development of insecticide resistance
  • Population dynamics and spatial distribution of insects
  • Development of insect trapping
  • Development of Integrated Pest Management systems
  • Biological control of pests
  • Application of mating disruption techniques
  • Management of invasive species and insect vectors of human and animal diseases
  • Insects for feed and food


Laboratory infrastructure:

– Insect rearing rooms / incubator, greenhouse, pop up cages

– Volatile collection system / olfactometers / air brush

– Stereoscopes, analytical scales, freezers

– Insect traps (delta, rocket, pitfall, funnel etc.)

For more info on this research area, please contact:

Dr Stefanos Andreadis, email: