About Us

The Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources (IPBGR) is part of the General Secretariat of Agricultural Research of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization (HAO) – Demeter (formerly known as National Agricultural Research Foundation – NAGREF). We are based at the Agricultural Farm of Thermi, in Thessaloniki, Greece.


The new IPBGR was formed in 2014 after the merge of 9 former units of the Secreteriat, the 1. Center of Agricultural Research of Northern Greece, 2. Cereal Institute of Thessaloniki, 3. Cotton and Industrial Crops Institute, 4. Crop Protection Institute of Thessaloniki, 5. Pomology Institute of Naoussa, 6. Tobacco Institute of Greece, 7. Tobacco Station of Karditsa, 8. Agricultural Research Station of Vardetes, Phthiotis and 9. Tobacco Station of Katerini.


HAO itself is the result of a 2011 merge of four former institutions, NAGREF, AGROCERT, ELOGAK and OGEEKA-“Demeter” and it is supervised by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food (www.minagric.gr).

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