Breeding in Vegetables


Species of interest: tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper, carrot, pea, leafy vegetables, Cucurbitaceae spp.

Key areas of interest:

  • Evaluation, conservation, and breeding of Greek varieties registered at the National Plant Variety Catalogue of vegetables
  • Production of healthier (antioxidants, vitamins) and tastier vegetables
  • Understanding the basis of development and ripening
  • Post-harvest physiology of vegetables
  • Growing field vegetables in a changing environment: plant stress physiology towards abiotic factors (high temperature, water-deficit, salinity, heavy metals)
  • Grafted vegetables: the effect of grafting on quality and tolerance
  • Bio-fortification of Solanaceae: strategies to enhance vitamin A and C content
  • Biodiversity and genetic variation: how to enrich the genetic pool of modern varieties using landraces and/or wild-relatives
  • Phenotyping: large number of vegetables are evaluated to select the most promising specimens for breeding new varieties
  • Genetic improvement of vegetable quality
  • ‘Breeding the holobiome’ approach: beneficial microorganisms that promote vegetable growth and abiotic resistance

For more info on this research area, contact:

Dr Ifigeneia Mellidou, email:

Dr Apostolos Kalivas, email: